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Solar Panels On Grassy Field

Investing in renewable energy and more across Essex and Suffolk

Birch Airfield Composting Services invests in a range of sustainable practices to help create a greener planet.

Solar panels in grassy field
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getting the soil ready for the next batch

Sustainability at Birch Airfield Composting Services

Our company is always looking at new ways to promote sustainability. We work with companies across Essex and Suffolk to develop and action measures that could have a positive impact.

Carbon sequestration

Carbon sequestration involves capturing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The way compost helps with this is by improving the quality of the plants and therefore the amount of carbon plants can hold.

This works in a mixture of ways. Firstly, soil naturally holds 3 times more compost that than the atmosphere, but this amount can degrade when the quality of the soil reduces. Soil mixed with good quality compost will be able to take in more carbon from the atmosphere. Secondly, plants grown from high-quality compost rich in carbon naturally thrive and are able to grow bigger and healthier. These stronger plants will then be able to take more carbon out of the atmosphere compared to those grown in weaker quality materials.

Renewable energy

Birch Airfield Composting Services is working hard to become a carbon neutral business by 2050. As part of these plans, we’ve invested in renewable energy for our site. A portion of our electricity is produced by solar panels and we also distribute green energy to the local community.



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